Employment and Life Skills

YWCA Durham offers employment and life skills to those connected with the YWCA and those in the community. This program seeks to empower residents through job and life skills development with a goal toward independent community living. Clients are led through a mix between individual and group workshops, career-oriented skills building, and wellness to help them gain the skills to move through the world with confidence.

This program includes workshops on:

Community Building – where we provide opportunities for those connected with the YWCA and those in the community to build relationships by participating in fun activities. Whether they be excursions or hosted internally, the purpose of these workshops is to foster community.

Employment – whether clients are looking for a job or already have one but need support or information, these workshops help them navigate the challenges of getting employed and staying employed. Everything from working with mental health challenges, rights as an employee, and crafting a first resume, can be the subject of workshops.

Skills Development

Practical Skills – These workshops focus on the “How To” questions we often have in life about some of the basics. Covering topics from financial literacy, digital competency, to ‘adulting’ 101, each workshop is geared towards building the skills needed to live successfully and informed.

Self-Growth – Healing and interpersonal development are integral to our ability to navigate the challenges we face in life. These workshops create the space for self-reflection, understanding how we relate to others, and offer workshops through a strength-based and feminist lens. They purposefully incorporate many DBT concepts and focus on trauma education.